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01. Trend & Branding Analysis

We analyze your branding needs and do market research to scope out potential content opportunities that your brand can capitalize on.

03. Content Optimization

Packaging your content and distributing it correctly is just as important as the content itself. We make sure you have the proper hashtags, settings, posting time (...) so that your content performs the best it possibly can with the algorithm.

02. Reel creation


We create short-form content after having done strategic research. This is where we'll add our secret sauce to make your content stand out.

04. Results & Planning


This is where you get to evaluate the performance of your content. We always evaluate the performance to give you insights on your community and demographic. We can't guarantee every piece of content we make will go viral, but we can optimize content so that it has a better chance of doing so! 


Short-form content has quickly become the leading tool for organic growth. In this day and age, it's an inevitable part in every brand's digital marketing strategy. 


Professional Storytellers

We have a deep understanding of how to best capture and retain your viewer's attention, ultimately boosting your conversion rates.

Social Media Pioneers 

We understand and set some of the social media trends. We have seen and been actors in the short-form content industry since its inception.

Media Content Scientists

Just because we're artists doesn't mean we forgot about trial and error... Over the years we've tested and fine-tuned short-form strategies for different types of brands and industries to break down what really works and leads to better results.

World-renowned artists

We are filmmakers and photographers who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world - our unique style will ensure your brand stands out. 

We are...


We are a team of artists with a business background - as such we create art that provides a real ROI for your business

The short-form content industry today ...


of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service


minutes devoted daily to watching short-form content on average


The highest ROI out of any social media marketing strategy

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